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Seven Days Aloud: Listen to select audio stories read by our staff. Just choose an article below and press play.

Now hear this!

Seven Days is now recording select stories from the weekly newspaper for your listening pleasure.

  1. Click/tap one of the articles from the big list on this page.
  2. When the article loads, scroll down past the first photo and find the prompt to “Listen to this article.”
  3. Press play! You can pause at any time, skip ahead, rewind and change the speaking speed to suit your needs.

Want to keep "track"?

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We use a service called Shordio to publish our audio recordings. You don’t need a Shordio account to listen to our articles, but if you create one, you’ll be able to:

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Add articles to your playlist.

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After you listen to a few stories, send us an email and let us know how we're doing: [email protected].

Seven Days Aloud