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Joke of the Week: It Does a Body Good


In celebration of the annual Vermont's Funniest Comedian Competition, which runs Wednesday through Friday, October 26 through 28, at the Vermont Comedy Club in Burlington, all this week we're posting a daily version of our weekly Joke of the Week feature. Today's dose of local hilarity comes to us from Burlington's Paul Church. Take it away, Paul …

I like Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is always talking about raising taxes on the 1%, which I support, because I still drink skim. Doesn't affect me.

About that joke
Says Church: "For some reason every time Bernie talks about the 1% of this country I cant stop thinking about milk. I like milk a lot. Especially with Oreos." 

Meet the Comedian, Paul Church

  • Courtesy of Paul Church
Paul Church is a Burlington-based comedian. He has featured for national acts such as Jon Dore and Emo Phillips and can be seen performing shows around New England. He likes mint ice cream, buffalo wings and ’za. Not always at the same time … but sometimes.

See him live
Church performs Wednesday, October 26, in the semifinal round of the VFC contest.         

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