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Morning Read: Dubie Campaign Manager Resurfaces in Connecticut


Remember Corry Bliss? That guy who went all nasty-pants on Vermont politics while managing Brian Dubie's 2010 gubernatorial campaign?

For the past year, Bliss has been managing former World Wrestling Entertainment president and CEO Linda McMahon's second bid for a U.S. Senate seat representing Connecticut.

With Bliss onboard — to the tune of $15,000 a month — the wrestling magnate is doing far better than she did in 2010, when she lost to Richard Blumenthal by 12 percentage points. This time, according to recent polls, she finds herself neck-and-neck with Democratic U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy — providing a surprising boost to Republicans' chances of taking control of the Senate.

This weekend the Hartford Courant published a profile of Bliss — and his role running McMahon's campaign. It's worth a read.

Reporter Daniela Altimari calls Bliss "the driver of her vaunted attack machine," who "practices an aggressive, hard-hitting brand of politics that critics say is ripped from the playbook of Karl Rove."

The story briefly recounts Bliss' time in the Green Mountain State and his scuffle with NRG Systems and AllEarth Renewables founder David Blittersdorf. It also quotes UVM political science professor Garrison Nelson, who seems pleased Vermont is rid of the guy.

"Mr. Bliss brought a blatant ugliness to the campaign,'' Nelson said. "It was sad for those of us that knew Brian and like Brian. We were delighted when Mr. Bliss left."

You can read the Courant story in full here.