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Playtime: Femme Techno Night at Speaking Volumes


Hey there, earthworms and early robins. Welcome back to my online music zone!

Earlier this week, Seven Days music editor Jordan Adams introduced you to local fringe music enthusiasts Caroline DeCunzo and Jack Braunstein. The two are high-functioning mitochondria in the cell of Burlington music and social action groups, Pushing A Brain Uphill and Babe Paradise. Adams' article gave you the head's up about PABU's experimental sound festival this weekend at Burlington City Arts and Speaking Volumes. I'm going to fill you in about Friday night's PABU event, Femme Techno Night, co-hosted by Babe Paradise.
I recently expressed the importance of Babe Paradise's femme/queer/trans supportive events in a writeup about their last BCA dance party. The current organizational forces behind Babe Paradise are DeCunzo, Harvey Bigman and Claire Macon — all of whom have ties to local booking collective Friends & Family. If you need a dance space that feels safe from the patriarchy, they 100-percent will protect you and make you feel sparkly.

Friday, April 21, at Speaking Volumes, PABU and Babe Paradise team up for Femme Techno Night. It's headlined by the underground electronic legend Valerie Martino, formerly known as Unicorn Hard-On. The stacked lineup also includes a DJ set from Maria Chavez, who plays a set of originals on Saturday, April 22, at the PABU Summit. DeCunzo performs as Golden Poussey, and Claire Macon DJs as Organic Mommy.  Admission to Babe Paradise events typically run on a sliding scale .
As Unicorn Hard-On, Providence-based Martinez spent a decade producing experimental beat-driven electronic music on the edge of the noise scene. Her 2014 release, Weird Universe, on the cult label Spectrum Spools, is a gyrating collection of warped acid house and psychedelic stereo effects. Weird Universe is a headphone tripper,  a Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat-style mind boggler. Sirens and saw synths whirl over wet bass drums and industrial delayed snares.
Chavez is a sound artist and DJ from NYC. As a producer, she manipulates samples with attention to time and pattern, often slowing the pace and creating ethereal relaxation. As a DJ, Chavez smoothly sculpts her remixes into a floating castle of dreamy house, with emphasis on string instruments, chimes and bell stabs, and downtempo ambient trance.
As Golden Poussey, Caroline DeCunzo composes avant-garde soundscapes with voyages into extreme noise and heavy techno. Each set I've seen from DeCunzo has been unique to that night's performance. She has an extensive sample library and often utilizes her voice, intricately programmed rhythms, and high frequency repetition. Harsh femme vibes reminiscent of this raw, early Aphex Twin performance.

Claire Macon is notorious for her party spirit and scene sister attitude. Hailing from Atlanta, Macon has an extensive knowledge of top-notch dance music and the floor is never still in her presence. As a member of Friends & Family, Macon is responsible for the cooperative execution of countless DIY shows in Burlington.

To support PABU and Babe Paradise, consider purchasing a pass to the full festival, including Femme Techno Night at Speaking Volumes.

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