Town of Jericho, VT New Highway Garage Request for Proposal (RFP) Municipal Project Manager (MPM) Services Phase-1 3/18/24 | Request for Proposals | Seven Days | Vermont's Independent Voice

1. Background

On March 5, 2024, the residents of Town of Jericho voted to approve a bond of $4.15 million for the construction of a new town maintenance facility. Following this approval, the Town is seeking the services of a Municipal Project Manager (MPM) to assist with permitting, design and construction of the facility. MPM services will be split into two phases. Phase-1 Preconstruction and Phase-2 Construction. In advance of the bond vote, the Town completed a feasibility study prepared by Ascent Consulting LLC. To review the study, follow this link:

The Town reserves the right to negotiate Phase-2 Construction Services with the successful Phase-1 Preconstruction Services provider. All questions related to this project should be directed to Paula Carrier, Asst. Town Administrator [email protected].

2. Schedule

The following dates will drive the anticipated schedule for Phase 1 planning.

a. 3/25/24: Post Phase-1 MPM RFP Services

b. 4/29/24: RFP Response Due, 5PM EDT

c. May 2024: Selection of MPM Services

d. May 2024-April 2025: Duration of Phase-1 Services

e. May 2025: Construction Starts

3. Scope of Services

The MPM will provide services and guidance to the Town and its municipal interest. The town requires the following services for the Phase-1 Preconstruction. The purpose of Phase1 Preconstruction is to assist the town with the design, permitting and preparation for the bid package. It is anticipated that the design will be at 100% by end of January 2025 for February 2025 bidding.

a. Duration of Phase-1 Preconstruction Services is from May 2024 through April 2025.

b. Prepare RFP for design services for civil, architectural, structural, MEP/FP, special inspections. Respond to design services RFIs and document. Assist the Town with posting and advertising the RFP.

c. Analyze design service proposals and make recommendations to the Town.

d. Prepare design services contracts, review pay requests for Town approval.

e. Attending design meetings, ensure design is aligned with schedule and budget.

f. Assist with State and local permitting requirements.

g. Facilitate a design kick-off meeting outlining schedules and goals of the project to the design team.

h. Document updates to design and permitting status. Report to the Selectboard at meeting on the first Thursday of each month.

i. Provide cost estimates as the design progresses to ensure the project design aligns with budget.

j. Assist and provide Value Management services as needed. Provide guidance to design team regarding lessons learned from previous maintenance facility projects.

k. Prepare pre-qualification RFP for general contractor bidders. Post, review and background check qualifications, make recommendations to the Town.

l. Prepare bid package, send to prequalified bidders, respond to RFIs, assist the Town with bidding process, prepare bid analysis, perform descoping and make recommendations to the Town.

m. MPM is to include in their cost computer, cell phone, vehicle, business and vehicle insurance and personal protective equipment. Reimbursable costs are to be included in the cost of services.

n. Clearly identify any services that will be performed by a sub-consultant.

4. Submission requirements

To be considered responsive to this RFP, each response to the RFP must include the following requirements. The Town reserves the right to reject all proposals result from this RFP to: 1. negotiate with any or all qualified proposers 2. to waive any formality and technicalities 3. to solicit new proposals or 4. to cancel in part or in entirety this RFP if found to be in the best interest of the Town. Solicitation of this RFP in no way obligates the Town to award a contract. Each respondent is responsible for their own cost in preparation of this

RFP. Late proposals will not be accepted. Only electronic submissions will be accepted. It will be the responsibility of the respondent to confirm proposals have been received by the Town.

Electronic submissions are due no later than 5PM EDT on 4/29/24 to Paula Carrier. There will not be a public bid opening. Complete RFP will include:

a. Cover letter

b. Overall Consultant Description: provide primary contact information, location of office, any and all staff or sub-consultant who will be involved in the project.

c. Resume of each staff member

d. Project experience with references

e. Proof of business insurance

f. Cost Proposal

5. Evaluation and Selection

The Town of Jericho Selectboard will evaluate the proposals. Selection criteria will be based on maintenance facility project experience, estimating capabilities, staff experience and cost proposal. The Town reserves the right to request additional information and or require a onsite interview of party submitting.