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Why Is It Such a Big Deal If I Leave My Socks On During Sex?


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Dear Reverend, 

My girlfriend gets angry at me for keeping my socks on when we have sex. I don't do it on purpose. I guess I just forget to take them off because they're comfortable. And I hate having cold feet. Why is it such a big deal, anyway?

Sock-critiques (male, 24)

Dear Sock-critiques,

Ah, yes, the age-old sock debate. I'm not exactly sure why it's such a controversial topic, but I do know that socks in the sack can be a total deal breaker for some people. You have to admit that a person wearing nothing but socks does look a little goofy. Unless you're into that sort of thing ... and lots of people are.

What kind of socks are you wearing? If they're old, nasty, stained gym socks, it's no wonder they ruin the mood. You shouldn't wear those any time, so just throw them away. Scratchy wool socks? No fun. Get some super-duper cushy-soft ones that will feel good on her skin.

Better yet, get her a pair, too, and tell her this juicy tidbit: A 2012 Dutch study found that half of the women in a research group had orgasms with bare feet. When wearing socks, the number increased to 80 percent.

If that doesn't change her tune, you know what I bet would do the trick? Your ice-cold tootsies all over her legs in bed. Do that a couple times, and she'll be begging you to put your socks back on.

Good luck and God bless,

The Reverend

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