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Who's Good: Mover and Shaker Luis Calderin

  • Matthew Thorsen
  • Luis Calderin

  • Age: 41
  • Occupation: vice president of marketing and creative, Rock the Vote; former director of arts, culture and the youth vote, Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign
  • Town: Burlington

Young voters were both the fuel and fire sparking the recent unlikely presidential run of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). And the man charged with inspiring America's youth to rock the vote was Burlington's Luis Calderin. As the Sanders campaign's director of arts, culture and the youth vote, Calderin corralled endorsements from celebrities and civic leaders. He curated politically charged art exhibits that toured the country. In short, he helped change the way politicians relate to America's youth. That came as no surprise to his friends back in Burlington, where Calderin is known as a top brand strategist, a community builder and, when he's got time, a hell of a club DJ.

Favorite local band:
Rough Francis. They channel the purest form of "kick out the jams" rock and roll ever. They're timeless, high energy and incredibly comforting. Their live show has been the greatest stress reliever for me, second to running marathons.

Favorite park:
The Andy A-Dog Williams Skatepark. It's gorgeous. It's a brand-new, state-of-the-art space that is right on the waterfront. The police here used to chase kids around town for skating. Now those kids have the best real estate in the state. Only in Vermont! And, of course, it's named after not only one of the best skaters Vermont has ever known, but one of the best people of all time.

Best place to think big thoughts:
The benches on the pathway heading down from Battery Park to the bottom of Depot Street. There are a few benches there that have the right vibe for big thoughts and conversations.

Favorite figure from Vermont history:
My [former] boss, the senator from the great state of Vermont, Mr. Bernard Sanders. Talk about a historical figure! It's been an honor to serve and participate in the political revolution.

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