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The Westford Planning Commission hereby provides notice of a public hearing being held pursuant to Title 24, Section 4441 of the Vermont State Statues for the purpose of hearing public comments concerning: Proposed amendments to the Westford Land Use & Development Regulations.

The public hearing has been scheduled for: Monday, April 19, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.

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+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

Meeting ID: 874 9052 7791

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The Planning Commission is proposing to amend the Westford Land Use & Development Regulations for the following purposes:

1. To correct and clarify certain spelling, grammatical, punctuation and reference errors that appeared in the regulations;

2. To revise and refine the regulations based on feedback from the Development Review Board, Administrative Officer, Town Attorney and members of the public.

Geographic Area Affected: Entire Town.

Table of Contents & Summary of Changes to the Westford Land Use & Development Regulations: Part 1. General; Chapter 100. Legal Framework; Section 101. Enactment and Authority – Corrects reference; Section 102. Purpose; Section 103. Applicability; Section 104. Effective Date; Section 105. Amendment; Section 106. Severability; Chapter 110. Exemptions & Limitations; Section 111. General Exemptions – Corrects use references ; Section112. Agriculture & Silviculture; Section 113. Utility, Energy and Telecommunications Infrastructure; Section 114. Public Facilities; Section 115. Group Home; Chapter 120. Vested Rights & Existing Conditions; Section 121. Prior Permits or Approvals; Section 122. Filed Applications; Section 123. Pre-Existing Uses; Section 124. Existing Lots; Section 125. Nonconformities – Allows for limited expansion of non-conforming uses; Section 126. Abandonment and Discontinuance of Non-Residential Use; Section 127. Incomplete Development; Section 128. Damaged or Destroyed Structures; Section 129. Demolition; Part 2. Zoning Districts & Standards; Chapter 200. General Provisions; Section 201. Establishment of Zoning Districts; Section 202. Description of District Boundaries – Amends wetland buffer in Town Center Area; Section 203. Interpretation of District Boundaries; Section 204. Principal Uses or Structures on a Lot – Omits use & adds shared drive requirement; Section 205. Lots in More than One District; Chapter 210. Common (C) District; Section 211. Purpose; Section 212. Dimensional Standards; Section 213. Use Standards – Omits unit & adds accessory structure; Section 214. Planning and Design Standards; Chapter 220. Village (V) District; Section 221. Purpose; Section 222. Dimensional Standards; Section 223. Use Standards – Omits unit & adds accessory structure; Section 224. Planning and Design Standards; Chapter 230. Rural 3 (R3) District; Section 231. Purpose; Section 232. Dimensional Standards; Section 233. Use Standards– Omits unit & adds accessory structure; Section 234. Planning and Design Standards; Chapter 240. Rural 5 (R5) District; Section 241. Purpose; Section 242. Dimensional Standards; Section 243. Use Standards – Omits unit & adds accessory structure & campground; Section 244. Planning and Design Standards – Amends point system; Chapter 250. Rural 10 (R10) District; Section 251. Purpose; Section 252. Dimensional Standards; Section 253. Use Standards; Section 254. Planning and Design Standards - Section 243. Use Standards – Omits unit & adds accessory structure & campground;

Chapter 260. Form-Based Code (FBC) Overlay District; Section 261. Purpose; Section 262. Applicability; Section 263. Planning and Design Standards – Clarifications, corrections, adds waivers for restoration, renovation or replication of historic structures, amends T4 front setback; Chapter 270. Water Resources (WRO) Overlay District; Section 271. Purpose; Section 272. Application; Section 273. Permitted Uses; Section 274. Conditional Uses; Section 275. Planning and Design Standards – Amends underground power standards; Chapter 280. Flood Hazard (FHO) Overlay District; Section 281. Purpose; Section 282. Compliance with State and Federal Law; Section 283. Exempt Uses; Section 284. Prohibited Uses; Section 285. General Permit - Correction; Section 286. Permitted Uses; Section 287. Conditional Uses; Section 288. Planning and Development Standards; Section 289. Administrative Procedures; Section 2810. Definitions; Part 3. Development Standards; Chapter 300. Standards for Specific Uses; Section 301. Home Occupation; Section 302. Accessory Dwelling Units - Amends accessory dwelling calculation; Section 303. Adaptive Re-Use of Historic Barns - Allows restaurants & taverns in R10; Section 304. Agricultural Enterprises; Section 305. Auto-Oriented Uses; Section 306. Movement of Earthen Material; Section 307. Wireless Telecommunications Facilities; Chapter 310. Subdivision & PUD Standards; Section 311. Basic Subdivision Design; Section 312. Common and Village Subdivision Design; Section 313. Rural Subdivision Design; Section 314. Planned Unit Development (PUD); Section 315. Fire Suppression Water Supply - Correction; Section 316. Legal Requirements; Chapter 320. Site Design & Engineering Standards; Section 321. Driveway & Private Road Standards- Clarification, correction & omitted pre-development inspection requirements; Section 322. Parking and Service Areas- Correction; Section 323. Landscaping and Screening; Section 324. Outdoor Lighting; Section 325. Outdoor Display and Storage; Section 326. Signs; Section 327. Erosion Control and Stormwater Management; Section 328. Water and Wastewater Systems; Section 329. Source Protection Areas; Section 3210. Natural Resource Protection; Chapter 330. Performance Standards; Section 331. Applicability; Section 332. Sound; Section 333. Vibration; Section 334. Airborne Particulates and Odors; Section 335. Hazards and Hazardous Waste; Part 4. Administrative Procedures; Chapter 400. Authorization; Section 401. Administrative Officer; Section 402. Development Review Board; Section 403. Town Planner – Amend to refer to Town Planner; Section 404. Planning Commission; Section 405. Fees; Section 406. Site Visits and Inspections; Section 407. Surety; Section 408. As-Built Drawings and Designer Certifications; Section 409. Other Approvals, Permits or Certifications; Chapter 410. Zoning Permit Procedures; Section 411. Zoning Permit Required; Section 412. Applying for a Zoning Permit; Section 413.Reviewing a Zoning Permit Application - Correction; Section 414. Acting on a Zoning Permit Application; Section 415. Zoning Permit Effect, Expiration and Extension; Section 416. Inspection During Construction; Section 417. Zoning Permit Revocation; Section 418. Certificate of Occupancy; Section 419. Administrative Amendments; Chapter 420. Development Review Board Procedures; Section 421. Site Plan Review – Correction & adds accessory structures & campgrounds; Section 422. Conditional Use Review- Correction - Correction; Section 423. Appealing an Action or Decision by the Administrative Officer; Section 424. Waivers and Variances; Section 425. Combined Review; Section 426. Modification of Approved Plans; Chapter 430. Subdivision and PUD Procedures; Section 431. Applicability; Section 432. Boundary Line Adjustment and Lot Merger; Section 433. Deferred Approval; Section 434. Sketch Plan Review; Section 435. Master Plan Review; Section 436. Preliminary Plan Review - Correction; Section 437. Final Plan Review - Correction; Section 438. Filing Requirements; Chapter 440. Notice, Hearing & Decision Procedures; Section 441. Warning a Hearing; Section 442. Conducting a Hearing; Section 443. Recessing a Hearing; Section 444. Development Review Board Decisions; Section 445. Appeal of Development Review Board Decisions; Chapter 450. Enforcement Procedures; Section 451. Type of Ordinance; Section 452. Fines; Section 453. Applicability; Section 454. Action – Clarification & Correction; Part 5. Definitions; Chapter 500. Use of Terms; Section 501. Interpretation; Chapter 510. Defined Terms - Adds campground & camp site; Part 6. Appendix With Maps – Amends Map 5.

Location Where Full Text May be examined: Copies of the full text of the proposed amendments to the Westford Land Use & Development Regulations are available at the Westford Town Office, 1713 VT Route 128, and Westford, Vermont or may be viewed on the Town of Westford website at https://westfordvt.us/documents/planning-zoning/

Dated at Westford, Vermont this 31st day of March.

George Lamphere, Westford Planning Commission Chair