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The Seven Days Wellness Issue, 2017


  • Kym Balthazar | Rev. Diane Sullivan

This annual issue falls in January for one good reason: It’s January. The first month in a new year is all the incentive we need to at least vow to get fit, clean up our diets or … stop snoring? Yes, one writer takes on his sleep apnea by playing the didgeridoo. And by learning circular breathing, which is cool. We pick up some pointers from a plus-size yogi and check out two pastimes keeping seniors on their toes — a Burlington pickleball league and a butt-busting boot camp in Middlebury. Hey, nobody’s getting any younger, so… We vicariously experience halotherapy — aka down time in a salt cave — in Montgomery. Can NaCl cure and calm us? Maybe. But we’re especially happy to learn that saturated fats are back on the eat-this list. Pass the butter!