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We All Scream For... Ice cream flavors that milk the music industry

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  • Steve Hogan

Jerry Garcia, Phish and now Dave Matthews have inspired Ben & Jerry’s sugar highs, suggesting that music not only goes ’round and ’round but also freezes well. In fact, music-related ice cream flavors are so good for business, we suspect Vermont’s favorite treat-makers won’t stop at this tasty trio.

We do hope they’ll look beyond the patchouli posse for inspiration. “Sex Pretzels” or “Red Hot Chili Peppermint” might be too much to ask for, but we’ve got a veritable record bin full of more plausible ideas — the name game is one slippery slope!

Please, don’t thank us; just send pints.

REM&M: The Bald One has selected chocolate exclusively grown in the rainforest, added a jaunty dash of pepper for rootsy cred, and, of course, M&Ms — all colors.

Jam Rocky Road: Slivers of honey-wonton noodles are the crispy surprise in this updated confection of trail mix, organic strawberry jam and carob ice cream.

Allman Joy: Coconut and a riff of Southern Comfort make this honkey vanilla worth its weight — and yours — in Tijuana gold.

U-Hoo-2: The Hibernian hit-makers inspire this blend of Yoo-Hoo’s chalky chocolate goodness and pasty bits of spongy Irish soda bread. The real kicker, though, is a wee bit of Jameson’s.

Bonbon Jovi: He’s back on the charts, and behind this cherry-filled-chocolate flavor that’s ideal for long, couch-bound afternoons watching MTV — or is it VH-1?

Backstreet Boysenberry: These guys have been making our teeth ache with their saccharine pop for long enough. It’s time they gave something back. Here it is.

Peppermint P. Diddy: With Sean Puffy Honey-Coombs Crunch selling briskly, make way for this chocolate-minty mélange — a guilty pleasure, or at least a very suspicious one.

J. Lo Pudding Pops: One of America’s oldest jiggling confections teams up with one of its newest for this fruit-cocktail-filled novelty just bursting with empty calories.

Oops, I Bit It Again: How could you not, with so many chunks of melon crammed into this otherwise bland vanilla ice cream? Sorry, Pepsi, Britney is all ours now.

Lickin’ La Vida Loca: Passion fruit and papaya from Ricky Martin’s native Puerto Rico juice up this flashy flavor named for the post-Menudo popster. Hace frío!

Limp Biscuits: Vanilla ice cream pierced with genuine micro-bits of chewable metal is as cathartic as a mosh pit. Try mixing with Wavy Gravy for a multigenerational treat.

Nelly Fruit-ado: This sassy sorbet salutes one of pop’s rising starlets with a jumble of Starburst flavors.

P.B.J. Harvey: Chunky peanut butter gives this flavor its rough edge, while fruit jelly amplifies its sweet side.

Georgia Peaches & Herb: A vintage favorite, this one combines organic peaches, cream and a hint of mint… julep.

Deep Banana Blackout: Need we say more?

String Cheesecake Incident: Same here.

Mudslide Slim: Boomer folk fave James Taylor dished up this frozen yogurt concoction with a hint of a sweet, grown-up cocktail.

Tangled Up in Blueberries and Hey, Mr. Tangerine Man: Bob Dylan, the voice of a generation — though we couldn’t always understand him — inspired not one but two fruity flavors that need no translation.

Sweet Little Angelfood: Our big, big tribute to Willie Mae Thornton just takes the cake.

Purple Hazelnut: Hey, Joe, this unique swirl of vanilla ice cream, grape jelly and hazelnuts will take you back to Woodstock ’69. Even if you weren’t born yet.

Cross Road Bluesberry: If Robert Johnson had tasted this captivating concoction of Mississippi blueberries and devil’s-food cake, he wouldn’t have wanted to sell his soul.

Equal Rice: Frozen fudge, Jamaican rum and Rice Crispy crumbles make for a delectable dedication to rasta-man vibrations. Highly Selassie, too.

All You Need Is Lemon: A refreshing Fab Four frozen ice for that long and winding road.

Vaniller: Ebony and ivory — that is, licorice and vanilla — compete for your taste buds in this very rich mix. Think the kind of “Thriller” Michael Jackson has become.