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Waterfront World & Paradise/Pizzarelli

Published June 10, 2007 at 11:10 a.m.


I caught The Skatalites, with original vocalist Doreen Schaffer, at the Waterfront World Tent Saturday night. With younger horns and some classic members doing the songs like Freedom Sounds & Latin Goes Skafolks were dancing, even in the long food lines.I tried to wait for Lee Perry but it became clear it was going to take awhile for him to appear.

Caught enough of Dub Is A Weapon (Perry's back-up band on this date) to be very impressedwith their tenor saxophone player Maria Eisen, whose solos pulled great response from the throbbingtent.The scene was sweet all by itself with golden light reflected off the lake, with dancing, strolling and the usual hightening of perceptions.

I walked up the hill to the Flynn and, unfortunately missed Kate Paradise & her all-star band, but caught MrCan't-Joke-Enough Pizzarelli's Swing 7. Rhythm section & four horns playing terrific arrangementswhile John sang large chunks of Sinatra's book and other classic Gershwin, Porter songs.I enjoyed John's constant schtick of New Joisey jokes, quips and, oops, asides to the band, while others I talked to found it a bit much.The energetic ending highlights included a long sequence based on a song extoling the virtuesof New Jersey as if done by Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Bobby Darin, etc, etc. It makes me appreciatewhere we are, as Vermont doesn't seem to need an-over-the-top tribute, we just are woodchucks& flatlanders struggling to make it thru mud-season. The music helps.