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VT: Where Red and Blue Share a Marquee


Published November 4, 2008 at 2:04 p.m.

The outcome of today's presidential election, whatever it may be, is going to make some folks angry. So it's nice to know there's one place where Red and Blue America can still get along: the movie house.

Well, at least in Burlington. Making up the showtimes, I happened to notice that Merrill's Roxy Cinemas is going to start showing Fireproof, a Christian-themed, Kirk-Cameron-starring drama that has already grossed over $26 million, pretty amazing given its niche market and $500K budget.

I wondered when this tale of a fireman who has to overcome his addiction to Internet porn and learn to respect his wife — Promise Keeper style — would make it to the liberal-secularist wasteland of our state, or if it ever would. (It was released back in September.) But I never dreamed it would show at the same theater as Religulous, Bill Maher's highly irreverent take on the whole phenomenon of theism. Roxy owner Merrill Jarvis III has already shown a taste for controversy — he programmed the conservative doc Expelled and the Michael Moore satire An American Carol alongside the Roxy's usual, more left-slanting arthouse fare. The Roxy and Montpelier's Capitol are the only theaters showing Fireproof in north-central Vermont.

Whether churches and individuals will buy enough tickets to make Kirk's Christian opus a hit in B'ton is anyone's guess. Here's an amusing — if no doubt godless and biased — review.