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Virtual Vegan

A Vermont teen's take on dining integrity


Published February 20, 2007 at 7:18 p.m.

Most 14-year-olds are more concerned with entertainment options than the ethics of eating. But Allie, a young technophile who "lives in the middle of nowhere a.k.a. Vermont" isn't your typical teen. For over a year, she's been keeping a blog called "My Life as a Vegan," on which she chronicles her favorite meatless eats and provides tips for living la vida vegan.

Allie's posts run the gamut from a recipe for meat-free fajitas and vegan latkes to pitches for foods she enjoys. Although many of her favored products are processed foods from afar, like Boca Burgers and Tofutti Cuties, she has a few local loves as well. On February 4, Allie wrote glowingly about Bove's marinara sauce, ". . . . I'd like to inform you all of a great marinara sauce . . . it's amazing." Her list of acceptable fast-food options gives a nod to Burlington's biggest bagel business - Bruegger's made the cut with a handful of vegan bagels and a few soups, too.

Although she uses casual phraseology, occasionally referring to the "dead animal aftertaste" that accompanies meat eating, Allie can be eloquent. One of her earliest posts, about how to ensure that restaurant food is vegan, states, "most waitstaff will be accommodating as long as you're polite . . . you have to understand that taking a lot of questions can be annoying." Pretty perspicacious for one so young.

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