Video: 'Dare to Be Me' at Hazen Union School | Paid Post | Promo Video | Seven Days | Vermont's Independent Voice
“Dare to Be Me” aims to turn traditional education on its head and explore what can happen in a classroom and school environment that fosters “aliveness.” Educator and 2021 Rowland Fellow Anja Pfeffer works with both teachers and students to help promote a collaborative school culture that is centered on holistic well-being. We joined Anja and her DTBM students at Hazen Union School on a fall walk through the Hardwick Trails behind the school to learn about the program. Students spend active time in nature, learn mindfulness activities, engage in quiet introspection as well as courageous conversations, read meaningful texts and write creatively. Grounded in a deep connection to place, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment that allows them to expand their comfort zones and become the best version of themselves.

Music: Dan Lebowitz, “Take Your Time,” “Surrender” & ”Jeremiah’s Song”

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