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Vermont's "News Guy" on his New News Site


Published February 25, 2009 at 4:37 p.m.

As Shay Totten reported in December, Vermont has a new news website: Started in December by veteran reporter (and occasional Seven Days contributor) Jon Margolis, the site is designed to provide the kind of "old-fashioned" journalism that, according to Margolis, Vermont sorely lacks.

(For an old-fashioned kind of guy, Margolis seems to be making decent use of the social media tools Facebook and Twitter.)

On Monday, Margolis had an essay (dispatch?) on the website of the D.C.-based Committee of Concerned Journalists, a consortium of media types who are "worried about the future of the profession." (Read CCJ's 1997 manifesto here.) Titled "When Real News Didn't Come to Me, I Decided to Go Get it Myself," Margolis' piece explains how his site got off the ground, and where it might be headed.

"My posts are analytical, often breezy and funny (or so I hope), idiosyncratic," noted the Barton blogger. "But it is the analysis and judgment of a disinterested observer, not a partisan or an ideologue."