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Vermont Teddy Bear Company Catches Flack on Twitter


Published February 13, 2009 at 3:45 p.m.

In this week's Seven Days, I interviewed Pam Fay, a "bear assembler" at Vermont Teddy Bear Company headquarters in Shelburne. Fay was working hard, seeing as Valentine's Day is Vermont Teddy's biggest holiday.

Returning to the Seven Days office after my interview, I discovered that several users of Twitter, a popular online messaging service, were complaining about the content and tone of Vermont Teddy Bear's new Valentine's Day commercials.

"Are Vermont Teddy Bear TV ads as offensive to everyone elseas they are to me?" asked Adam Mordecai, a Twitterite from Boulder, Colorado. "Besides the sexism, the pathetic acting makes mestroke out."

"Vermont bear company: your commercials are frightening. do grown women really squeal with glee over teddy bears?" added Jinni Prokopy of Chicago. "What am i missing?"

About 12 hours ago, Vermont tweeter Morgan Brown summed up a week's worth of mostly negative comments: "Moral of story: what's good for Vermont Teddy Bear, may not be so good for Vermont, particularly the brand."

Wendy Duval, PR & Communications Manager for Vermont Teddy, declined to comment for this blog post.