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Vermont Superior Court Probate Divison Chittenden Unit Case No. 22-Pr-01383

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A petition to admit last will, appoint fiduciary for estate, and open the estate (of Maxine Beattie), has been filed in the Chittenden Probate Division of the Superior Court.

A hearing on these matters will be held at: 10:00 a.m. May 6, 2022 at the above-named court, by Webex video. If no one appears at the hearing to object, the relief requested may be granted. You must file a notice of appearance and any objections to the admission of the last will within 7 days of hearing, if you wish to be heard. If you have any questions about how to participate in this proceeding, please contact the Chittenden Probate Division at 802-651-1518.

The estate petitioner must produce at least one witness to the last will at the hearing. If anyone objects in reaction to this notice, petitioner must produce at least 2 witnesses at. the hearing. A "first read" by the court of the proffered last will docs not appear to meet "self-proving" criteria.

It is hereby ORDERED that the notice of hearing as set forth in the Order be published in Seven Days, a newspaper of general circulation in the Chittenden Probate District Publication date: not later than 21 days prior to hearing.

Attorney Morwood: please file a tear sheet with the court not later than 7 days before hearing.

Electronically signed on March 9, 2022 pursuant to V.R.E.F. 9(d)

/s/ Gregory Glennon

Gregory Glennon, Probate Judge

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PROBATE NOTICE OF HEARING Estate of Maxine Beattie

This is to notify you this matter is scheduled in connection with the above-named case for the following: A Testate Estate Commencement Hearing will be held on:

Petition to Open an Estate and Appoint Fiduciary

DATE: May 06, 2022 Time: 10:00 AM DURATION: 30 Minutes

If you desire to be heard on the above matter, you must participate at the hearing.

Objections to the allowance of the will must be filed in writing not less than seven days prior to the hearing. In the event that no timely objections are filed, the will may be allowed if it meets the criteria set out in V.S.A. 14 section 107(6)(1) or (2).

Probate Division Register

Please see attached Webex Information.

Any individual with a disability requiring assistance accessing the service5, programs, and/ or activities at the Courthouse should contact the Clerk's office at the above address for further assistance.

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