Vermont Celebs on Getting the Vaccine: ‘It Just Feels Like Freedom’ | Paid Post | Health Care | Seven Days | Vermont's Independent Voice
  • Courtesy of VAHHS
If you’re old enough to drive, you’re old enough to hit the road back to normal life by getting your COVID-19 vaccine. As more COVID-19 vaccine flows into Vermont, it’s important to get your shot when it’s your turn.

The more of us who get vaccinated and the faster we do it, the sooner we can start doing the things we love again — with all of the people we miss so much right now. On April 19, anyone 16 or older can sign up at or with a national pharmacy chain to schedule an appointment for this important step in Vermont’s COVID-19 response.

We asked a few prominent Vermonters why they’re getting their COVID-19 vaccines. We hope you’re as excited as they are!

Join all these folks in keeping Vermont safe by vaccinating against COVID-19. Sign up and get your shot as early as possible. Then mask up and be patient
for a little while longer—we’ll get there! 

Visit to learn more and register for a COVID-19 vaccination.

This article was written and paid for by Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems.