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Vermont 3.0 Panel Previews


Published October 23, 2008 at 5:40 p.m.

So, we've got 13 different panel discussions going on at Saturday's Vermont 3.0 Creative Technology Career Jam at Champlain College. I've been writing blog posts about them because I helped organize the panels, and am moderating several of them. Also because I think they're really interesting.

Here are four more of these panels at a glance:

So, You Wanna Build Websites... David Gibson, Frank Canovatchel and Gahlord Dewald address the website design and development biz. David owns Propeller Media Works, Frank teaches at Champlain College and Gahlord works for Union Street Media. All three of these guys represent important local web design entities. If you're interested in this field, you've probably thought about working at Propeller or Union Street. And you may have taken classes at Champlain. Their panel is at noon in the Hauke Center Conference Room.

So, You Wanna Solve Cyber Crimes... There aren't a ton of jobs in the digital forensics field in Vermont... yet. And the ones that exist aren't exactly high profile. The people doing these jobs don't always want everyone to know what they're doing — mainly because they're trying to stop identity theft and internet crimes against children — but our three speakers are fairly high profile guys. Gary Kessler of Champlain College is essentially the go-to resource for journalists who need quotes about online security and investigations. Sgt. Kris Carlson works on this beat for the Burlington Police Department. And Fred Lane is a ubiquitous author and expert witness, who occasionally turns up on network TV — i.e. Jon Stewert's "Daily Show." He's also a Burlington school board member. This one's at noon in the Alumni Auditorium.