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Up Against the Wall


Tomorrow night, October 31, the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe is hosting a Halloween exhibit with jack-o'-lanterns made by members of the public, and also a special guest: NYC video projection artist Sean Capone. Don't know if he's a descendant of Al, but who cares?

Capone will cast arabesque patterns against the front of the building, which also houses the town library, both before and after the kiddies go trick-or-treating. No word on just what those images will be, but the picture at right is an example of his work — this one at the DUMBO Art-Under-the-Bridge Festival in Brooklyn last month. Cool, no?

HDAC exhibitions director Odin Cathcart invited Capone to Vermont and, in order to maximize his time here, arranged to get Capone another gig: tonight, October 30, in the alley next to Red Square in Burlington. Viewers leaving the new opening at the Firehouse (for another intriguing show called "Medicine & Mortality") and the Cirque Mechanics performance at the Flynn should stop by for what will likely be a visual feast on the eve before All Hallows.

So many things to see, 'tis a shame we don't have more eyes.