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Undead Molly Hates Burlington's Kickball League


Published August 1, 2008 at 10:39 a.m.

So, Burlington has this kickball league. Last month, VPR did a little segment on it. They've got a blog. And a Facebook group.

And now, they have a hater.

Last week, zombie aficionado Undead Molly declared her animosity toward their nostalgic pastime on her blog. In a post entitled "Dear fucking twee hipster kickball motherfuckers," she writes:

Dear Burlington Kickballers,

Oh my gosh, we so admire your childlike sense of fun.  Your wacky originality.  Your HILARIOUS tastein ironic beer. The best part is when you wear headbands, wristbands,and kneesocks - that makes you so Xtra wacky, original, and hilarious.I laugh just thinking about cans of PBR. What's that you're smoking?Marby Lights? You are too funny.

In fact, Molly's main beef with the kickballers is that Oakledge Park now charges for parking until 9 p.m. Molly attributes that change (they used to stop charging at 7) to the presence of the kickball league.

She says she's abandoned the park at night entirely, all because of the kickballers.

...even if I pay the $5 to get in, it's not even worth it because thechances of finding a parking space are slim - the lots are completelyfull of your gas guzzlers and hipstermobiles. I hate overhearing yourbanal meme-laden banter...

So fuck you, you pathetic vanilla American Apparel hipster doofusfaux-literate faux-urban faux-vintage pop culture junkie self-adulatingsmug conformist kickball motherfuckers.


Any kickballers out there care to kick back?