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Twenty Reasons Seven Days is Still Here


Published September 9, 2015 at 9:45 a.m.

  • Sean Metcalf

The last 20 years haven't been so great for many newspapers around the country. Some publications are shadows of their former selves. Others, like the altweekly Boston Phoenix, have vanished altogether. So why is Seven Days still fat and happy? We came up with a few possible explanations:

  1. Seven Days was "locavore" before there was a precious term for it.
  2. It's free — you can thank our advertisers for that.
    • Sean Metcalf
  4. In Vermont, our circulation drivers are more reliable than the internet.
  5. You can't wrap presents, make mulch or start a fire with Facebook.
  6. iSpys. Maybe this week, right?
  7. We actually live here.
  8. You can't do the Seven Days crossword online.
  9. Unlike other local news outlets, we get to drop the F-bomb. Fuck yeah!
  10. We really, really try to eliminate typos.
  11. Who else would you nervously ask about your penis size if not for Lola, Mistress Maeve and Athena?
  12. It's nice lookin'. Admit it — you even read the ads.
    • Sean Metcalf
  14. For Seven Days, serious word play is not an oxymoron.
  15. Vermont is far more sophisticated than our rinky-dink population would suggest.
  16. Two words: job ads.
  17. The fearless Peter Freyne launched our news section.
  18. You need something to read in the bathroom.
  19. How else would you know what to do this weekend?
  20. We bust our asses — no squat machine required.
  21. It's not all work: Think Mardi Gras, Art Hop and the Big Lebowlski.
  22. You. Thanks for picking up the paper, buying ads, sending letters, pet photos, suggesting stories, voting for the Daysies and giving us so much to write about for all these years.