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Published August 18, 2008 at 12:30 p.m.

Does anyone out there use twitter?

I personally choose not to. Mostly because my life is just not that interesting and I have enough trouble keeping my facebook status up to date. My twitter feed would go something like this:

9 AM I am at work.
6 PM Now I am at my other job.
10 PM I am watching 90210.

Boring? Yes. Proper use of twitter? No.

For all of you who do use twitter, the ever lovely Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl has written an article on twitter etiquette. This includes what to twitter, what not to twitter, and both sides of the debate between responders and broadcasters. As someone who never understood what all those @ symbols were in other peoples feeds, I found the article extremely educational.

It did not convince me to sign up, though. Although to be fair, it was not trying to. In fact, Maggie addressed haters like me with the following:

"Should you choose to avoid Twitter, that’s fine. Enjoy your coffee.Ours is cold now because we were photographing the latté art to sharewith all our friends, but you can drink yours in solitude."

Twitter? Nah. More Maggie Mason? Yes, please!