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Tuesday Vermont Blog Tour


Published April 14, 2009 at 1:40 p.m.

Hope everyone is having a marvelous, sunny, warm Tuesday. Here are your links for the day:

  • Care of Teen Blog@Brooks, Obama Hung Out in a Library
  • For those of you in a metaphysical mood this afternoon, The Hyper Kitchen has these musings about god and electromagnetics.
  • If you haven't been yet privileged to learn of the latest craze of 'tea parties' and 'tea-bagging' sweeping the nation (supposedly), Vermont Daily Briefing catches you up on the planned protest for April 15, including amusing video clips. Monday Morning Clacker also comments on 'tea parties.'
  • Bullseye, Baby! provides an inspirational and fun clip of people dancing in a subway in Europe, along with a post about being brave in your life.
  • As Rachel Maddow says, Obama has to 'scrub, rinse, repeat' the White House of many Bush policies, but The Cool Blue Blog highlights some disturbing ones that are still in place.
  • NoNAIS points out some misinformation in a recent New York Times op-ed about free-range pork.
  • And to bookend this list with champions of libraries, librarian.net posts an entry commemorating the passing of one of the pioneers of the library field, Judith Krug.