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Tube-Fed: All About Eva


Sophie Quest, Eva Sollberger, Margot Harrison
  • Sophie Quest, Eva Sollberger, Margot Harrison

Originally published March 9, 2005.

Producing, writing, editing and hosting a local cable television program can be a thankless, all-consuming enterprise. I know because I’ve done it: My half-hour movie-review show “The Good, the Bad & the Boffo!” was on the air for nearly 10 years. So I marvel perhaps more than most viewers when I happen across a really well-done show on public access, as I did recently.

“The Deadbeat Club,” airing twice weekly on Channel 15, is the high-energy handiwork of the multitalented Eva Sollberger, 31. The show features her, her sister and her mother, as well as her dog and cat. Sollberger addresses the camera, usually in her backyard, on a variety of topics relating to a monthly theme. Periodically this cuts away to dazzlingly outré video creations that incorporate everything from vintage cinema and cartoons to splashy musical dance numbers and photographs of obscure artists, all set to a bouncy assortment of thematically linked pop tunes.

“The Deadbeat Club” is not only funny, eclectic, brainy and original, but each episode is also a full 60 minutes long. Concerned that she might be hospitalized for exhaustion at any moment, I hurried to contact Sollberger and find out what makes her tick.

In 2007, Eva Sollberger became Seven Days’ first full-time video journalist.