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Time for Vermont to Legalize Gay Marriage?


Published January 11, 2009 at 2:00 p.m.

We raised this question in our cover story this week — though it was overshadowed before anyone even saw it by the sad news of Peter Freyne's death.

We thought it was a good time to talk about the issue; the day the story came out, Senator John Campbell introduced a bill in the state senate that would legalize gay marriage.

The story we published is essentially a transcript of a conversation between myself and our creative director, Don Eggert, moderated by staff writer Ken Picard. Don and I are friends, and both gay, both partnered, both former organizers in the GLBT community, but we disagree about the timing of the push for gay marriage. He's for gay marriage, and I'm... against it?

Not exactly. I'm for gay marriage, but I'm not keen on the timing of this particular effort. I wish we could put it off a few years. I decided to go forward with this conversation because I think there are a lot of people who support gay marriage who are on the fence as I am. This seemed like a good way to get everybody talking about the issue again.

Here's the story. You can also vote and let us know what you think in this online poll (the poll closes Monday at 5 p.m.) My side (I'm for gay marriage, but not right now) is losing. So maybe I'm wrong, after all.