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This just in: Ashlee Simpson is awesome.


Published April 18, 2008 at 9:31 a.m.

I like that Ashlee Simpson. I liked her more with her more with her old nose, but I suppose when one is competing with the generic airhead antics of older sister Jessica, one doesn't learn to embrace their own individuality; ie: schnoz. But guess what, Ashlee? Generic airhead antics get old. And then John Mayer dumps you. Take a note. I know how she feels. I have the "family nose," a fate which my sisters both avoided.

But that Ashlee: she's sassy. She's sort of strange, in a crazy-but-not-sad way. She's engaged to a Fall Out Boy. Sometimes I get confused: is it Avril Lavigne who married some dude from Sum 41, or was that Good Charlotte? Oh, wait, that's Nicole Richie, right? So what boring band emulating the Emo aesthetic without any of the guts is dating which spunky  an ingenue? It's hard for a pop culture junkie like myself to keep straight. Rumors started flying that she's preggers lately, probably because people are confusing her with Jamie Lynn Spears. She's the younger sister of totally different airhead, but I can understand their confusion.

Unlike 99% of celebrities, these two crazy kids did something that is oddly awesome: they made a satirical YouTube video. Yes. Ashlee Simpson knows what satire is. I know, I was sort of surprised, myself. And here's the thing: it's actually funny. It made me laugh.

Right? Funny. And cute. They're cute and funny. I'm shocked, too. Maybe it's sleep deprivation, but I am officially rooting for team Simpson/Wentz.

And just because I went on a mini-rant about Emo kids back there...are you following my new favorite news story... possibly ever? The Mexican Emo Riots. A friend sent me a frenzied email two days ago to tell me to turn on NPR...NOW. They did a pretty awesome story about it, that had me inappropriately laughing to myself all day. Everyone keeps talking about how it's like the Mods vs the Rockers, which isn't a bad comparison. Mod chicks wore a bunch of eye-liner... Emo kids wear a bunch of eye-liner.