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Things Younger Than John McCain


Published May 13, 2008 at 7:30 a.m.

Some enterprising soul has taken it upon himself to make a website devoted to exposing just how old John McCain really is.

With a twist of humor and sarcasm, the site highlights products, institutions and cultural ephemera that are younger than the venerable Senator from Arizona. They include whole countries, like Israel. And whole states, like Alaska and Hawaii. In the 72 years since McCain's birth, the human race has eradicated polio and mastered the French fry. Even the craggy-faced Keith Richards is McCain's junior.

The point of the exercise is to convince you that McCain is too old to be the president, but isn't it fraught with contradiction? Sure, he's been around a while, but couldn't that make him wise and learned? And with the wonders of modern medicine, 72 is the new 60.

I'm no McCain supporter, but attacking the guy just because he's old strikes me as juvenile; like the propagation of a recess-yard slur. What's also interesting about the idea of "Things Younger Than John McCain" is that it's indicative of the frenzied pace of society. 72 years used to be a nickel's worth of time in the meter of progress — not much got done in that span. But the past 72 years have bought us nuclear energy, trips to the moon, the internet. In one decade alone during the dot com boom, fabulous fortunes were made and squandered.

Things younger than John McCain have proven vastly more important, regardless of their age. Which is another way of saying: Get over it.