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The Yogurt Project: Cabot Nonfat Black Cherry


Published April 2, 2008 at 10:14 a.m.

This is my fourth yogurt trial so far...if you've read any of the others, you can skip right down to the "taste test" portion. If not,I've reprinted my intro below:

What's the deal with little cups of yogurt? Just a few years ago,fermented-dairy eaters had a choice between Dannon and Columbo.Remember Columbo? I didn't...I had to ask my coworker to help me comeup with the name of "that other major yogurt company when we weregrowing up."

Now, I see customers standing dumbstruck before the yogurt shelf,not knowing whether to reach for full-fat sheeps' milk, low-fat cows'milk or even a soy.  So, I figure, it's time for a massiveyogurt taste test. You ready?

If I were a purist I would taste only plain yogurt, but this is mygame, and I don't wanna. So I'm going to do the best I can comparingdifferent brands by eating their most enticing flavors.

Cabot Nonfat: Black Cherry

Cost: Around a buck

Packaging: Your standard, super-busy, kid-friendly, colorful yogurt container. The background is purple, the cherries are red, the wording is white and yellow, the Cabot logo is red, green and white. You get the idea. I don't find it that appealing, but my eyes gravitate towards it nonetheless. Like TV.

Nutrition Info: 8 oz. serving. 150 calories. 0% fat (DV). 0% fiber (DV).  21 g. sugar. 9 g. protein.  25% each: vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin E (DV).

Active Cultures: Acidophilus and Bifidus.

Appearance: Kind of blobby. The black cherries are mixed into the yogurt, so the product is pale purple with cherry chunks, and being non-fat, is thin enough that it was clearly squishing around in the package and climbing the sides of the container before I got around to opening it.

Aroma: Pleasant, but smells less like yogurt than it does like black cherry soda, which I admit that I'm partial to. Really, that's about all I can smell.

Mouthfeel: Thinner than the full-fat stuff or the skyr, but not watery. It's the consistency of all the yogurt I grew up eating. After swallowing, the yogurt seemed to leave a bit of a gritty feeling.

Taste: A little tangier than some of the other yogurts, this one gave me the slightest hint of shivers. There's a very slight bitter note, and less sweetness and fruitiness than I expected. The black cherry aroma seems to be stronger than the cherry flavor.

Notes: If you buy into the low-fat thing, which I emphatically don't, this could be considered one of the healthier products out there: It's low in calories and fat-free, with some added vitamins to pump up the nutritional profile. The mouthfeel is fine, although I wonder if the grittiness I noticed came from the modified cornstarch on the ingredient list. The flavor is o.k., too. But I'm not wild about it. I wouldn't choose to eat this for enjoyment. However, it is local.