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The Truth About Large Labia

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Published February 27, 2013 at 12:51 p.m.

Dear Maeve,

Can you please write the truth about women with larger labia? My vagina didn’t get stretched out from birthing children or sleeping around. It would be nice if guys knew that some women are simply built with larger lips.


Loose Lips

Dear Loose Lips,

Not to get all poetic on you, but labia are like snowflakes or fingerprints — no two are alike, and they’re all cool to look at. I suggest everyone — ladies and men alike — check out the Large Labia Project on Tumblr (careful, it’s not safe for work). This Tumblr blog’s goal is to show “the beauty of large, long, thick, fleshy vulva.” The blog invites women to submit photos of their vulvas, along with stories and feelings about their labia, which are then posted for all to see. The Large Labia Project has been gaining momentum and has been talked about on Jezebel and Slate, garnering some criticism for its “show-and-tell” approach to bolstering women’s self-esteem. Regardless of your stance on the approach, viewing other women’s vaginas and reading about their insecurities can be a hugely normalizing experience. And, for the dudes who venture over to the Large Labia Project, take note: Not all vulvas look alike, nor should they.

Sadly, the cosmetic and medical industries are capitalizing on the homogenization of the female body by creating false standards of what is “normal” and “desirable.” That’s why women spend cash on everything from Brazilian waxes and anal bleaching to breast implants and vaginal rejuvenation. Do a search for “large labia” on Google, and you’ll be served ads for “Labia Reduction” and “Labiaplasty” — a procedure to correct “irregular” labia. Ridiculous! Labia come in all shapes and sizes — some lips are compact and tuck neatly into the labia majora, while others are voluminous and protrude gloriously outward. No cosmetic surgery needed.

Read My Lips,


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