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The Cartoon Issue — 2019


Published July 3, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.
Updated July 3, 2019 at 10:29 a.m.

  • JAMES KOCHALKA | Rev. Diane Sullivan

When Seven Days ran its first Cartoon Issue in 2013, our staff endeavored to produce almost the entire newspaper in comic form — columns, album reviews, hard-news stories, features, you name it. It was, in a word, difficult.

You see, writers wanna write. And we love words. If given our druthers, reporters would happily churn out several thousand of them on any topic, from milking cows to upstart semipro football teams to the history of a certain famous local politician's stance on guns. And we often do. But telling stories with panels in place of paragraphs presents a unique narrative challenge. Cartoons are an inherently visual form of storytelling in which a picture is truly worth ... well, you know.

And so, in an effort to favor quality over quantity, over the last few years we've scaled back the scope of this theme, presenting a curated selection of features in cartoon form instead of the entire issue.

Words matter, which perhaps no one understands better than the Circle of Courage, a local Abenaki group aiming to save its native language from extinction. Words are equally important to Dear Tomorrow, a nonprofit that is trying to save the world from climate destruction one lovingly written letter at a time. Meanwhile, a local high school rock band, the Professors of Mystery, seeks relief through chaos. Once upon a time, traveling druggists sold relief door-to-door. And last but not least, difficult dogs come in all shapes and colors — though in this case, the latter is entirely up to you.

We hope you enjoy these cartoons as much as we've enjoyed producing them. See ya in the funny pages.