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The Cannabis Issue


  • Luke Eastman | Rev. Diane Sullivan

This week, Seven Days staffers were really in the weeds — or rather, the weed — as we rolled up our spliffy, er, spiffy, first-ever Cannabis Issue. No, we didn't clam bake in the 7D supply closet. After all, aside from the medical stuff, marijuana is still technically verboten in Vermont. But with legalization less than two months away — and with the massive Vermont Cannabis and Hemp Convention coming to Burlington this weekend — we thought it high time to explore the state of green in the Green Mountain State.

Let's start with our Weeders Survey, which aims to assess habits and attitudes around cannabis — and how they've changed since we last asked in 2015. We should mention that the survey isn't super scientific. But here's something that is: Dave Sandelman's new invention Cannatrol, which helps both commercial and home growers properly cure their bud.

Did all that science give you the munchies? Dig into our piece on the evolution of cannabis cooking. BTW, if you're a renter whose landlord forbids smoking, edibles might be the best means of legal home consumption — but keep the pot brownies away from Fido, and not just because of the chocolate.

If you live in federally subsidized housing or on a college campus, you should probably pass on grass, at least at home, even after July 1. Note to New Americans: If you're not a naturalized U.S. citizen, abstain altogether or risk facing serious consequences — like deportation. And, yes, most of us should still avoid being high at work. But if you do get into trouble with THC, keep pot lawyer Tim Fair on speed dial.

Did we just harsh your mellow? We suggest chilling out with CBD yoga. Or one of Daniel Nelson's ceramic bongs, which are just as cool looking before you use them as they are after ... probably.