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The Cannabis Catch-Up: Weed’s Legal — Now What?


Published July 13, 2018 at 6:45 p.m.

  • Zuzana Schebestová |
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We’re about two weeks into Vermont’s grand experiment with legalized recreational cannabis. So far, all hell has not broken loose.

Sure, maybe that uncle you always suspected smoked some dank has now actually confirmed that he pulls on the pipe. But life continues.

If anything, legalization has given rise to a new breed of entrepreneur. Take Rolling Flower, a company that charges a delivery fee for a free gift of weed. 

Xander Landen over at tried to get in touch with the owner, but a representative declined an interview. Tim Fair, the company’s lawyer, did chime in on this new business model.

“I predict he’s going to have problems,” Fair told Digger. “I also predict I will be there to defend him.”

I took a quick look at Craigslist to see if there are any other like-minded cannapreneurs. All I found was someone in Salisbury selling a mountain bike for $350 — with a free ounce of weed thrown in as a gift.

Here are some other cannabis stories we followed this week:

July 11: Some Vermont towns have already blocked the sale and distribution of cannabis. For instance, Newport’s law would prevent a “gift” business such as Rolling Flower from sprouting. But towns also can’t impose an outright ban on possession and cultivation. [April McCullum, Burlington Free Press]

July 11: Lime Pillows? Righteous Bush? Giggle Smoke? Where the fuck did the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration come up with this shit? Anyway, these are just some of the hundreds of slang terms for cannabis the DEA has compiled over the years. [Ryan Bort, Rolling Stone]

July 12: Massachusetts is way behind on its schedule to set up the process for legal cannabis sales, and it could be weeks before even a single sale is made. Vermont, there’s still a chance we could beat the Bay State! [Steve Brown, WBUR]

July 13: CBD — in a can of cold-brew coffee! Yes, it’s within reach. There’s even a can release party Friday at Abracadabra Coffee in Woodstock. [Hannah Palmer Egan, Seven Days]

July 13: Champlain Valley Dispensary opened a satellite location in South Burlington. I took a tour of the new place. [Sasha Goldstein, Seven Days]

July 13: Big news: A New York Health Department report found that the benefits of a legal cannabis market in the state outweigh the negative impacts. [Glenn Blain, New York Daily News]

July 13: A Washington State-based immigration lawyer says his Canadian clients involved in the cannabis industry are having trouble entering the U.S. — and some have even received a lifetime ban. [Tanya Fletcher, CBC News]

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