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The Cannabis Catch-Up: Tax-and-Regulate Goes Bust — for Now


  • Luke Eastman
A bid for full cannabis legalization in Vermont flamed out on Friday.

Hours after a group of Vermont lawmakers revived the dormant idea of a taxed-and-regulated cannabis market, the House quickly shot it down.

Rep. Diana Gonzalez (P/D-Winooski) proposed the amendment to H.167 on Thursday, but by Friday morning, the House voted 106 to 28 to shelve it indefinitely.

The proposal likely would not have made it past the desk of Gov. Phil Scott — who earlier this year signed a much more limited cannabis-legalization bill in private, and with “mixed emotions” — though it had support from House Minority Leader Don Turner (R-Milton).

“It does not make sense for us to not tax and regulate,” Turner told Seven Days' John Walters. “Having it be legal without regulation and no resources for the associated costs [of legal marijuana] makes no sense to me."

Other legislators just didn’t understand the timing.

"We had similar votes [on full legalization] and they failed," House Majority Leader Jill Krowinski (D-Burlington) said after the vote. "We've already had this debate, so why all of a sudden, with two weeks left in the session, bring it back now?"

That’s not to say the idea is dead — though its prospects for this year likely are. Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman remains optimistic.

"There is plenty of support to legalize," he said, "but sometimes in this building, the powers that be guide legislators to do something that isn't what their constituents want."

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