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The Cannabis Catch-Up: Drive-Through CBD and ‘Grandma’s Miracle Sticky Buns’


Published November 30, 2018 at 11:40 a.m.
Updated December 5, 2018 at 12:25 p.m.

  • Dmitry Tishchenko |
  • Holidazed
We’re right in the thick of the holiday season, so cannabis companies are pitching products as “must-haves” for the loved ones on your list.

This one jumped out at me: Ceres Natural Remedies, a cannabidiol company that offers CBD “capsules, oils, vapes, edibles and CBD products for pets,” is now offering drive-through service at its Brattleboro store.


And before you know it, Ceres’ sister company, Southern Vermont Wellness, will offer its goods for registered medical marijuana patients at the same drive-through.

“We are constantly looking for ways to make the buying experience more convenient while still maintaining the same quality of service to our customers, many of whom have debilitating health issues that make getting around harder,” said Shayne Lynn, who is the CEO of both companies.

The holiday cheer is more holiday warning from others, notably the federal government. Both the U.S. Air Force and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cautioned people this month about getting high. ( Hat tip to Marijuana Moment for spotting them both.)

The NHTSA is rightfully concerned about people driving while stoned. The agency issued a November 15 press release about drinking around the Thanksgiving holiday, but also made mention of “Danksgiving,” which “occurs during the Thanksgiving weekend but is related to marijuana use.”

Not to be outdone, the Air Force Medical Service issued a press release Wednesday encouraging service members in Massachusetts to be aware of THC-laced treats. Two commercial cannabis stores opened for business in the Bay State on November 20.

“Due to the new commercial availability of THC containing products, military members need to be extra vigilant about the foods and drinks they consume, especially during the holiday season,” the release read. “Many of us attend parties or gatherings with friends and relatives and have meals and libations prepared by others.”

What items prepared by others, you ask?

“Your friend’s grandma’s miracle sticky buns might look mighty tasty and get rave reviews at the big shindig, but if you're in the military or work for the federal government you might want to think twice and make sure they weren’t made to treat her bad hip first before you jeopardize your career,” the release said.

Happy Holidays!

We skipped the catch-up last week, so here are two weeks of stories we read:

November 18: Green Mountain CBD, a Hardwick farm that processes hemp and makes its own products, received a $7 million investment from a North Carolina-based venture capital firm. That’s a lotta dollars. [Jon Kalish,]

November 18: Some 450 people have registered with the state of Vermont in 2018 to grow hemp, a 400 percent increase over the 87 people who registered last year. [Anne Wallace Allen,]

November 19: The Heady Vermont team unveiled a cannabis podcast. The first episode recounts the group’s experience crossing into Canada to check out what cannabis legalization looks like north of the border. Give a listen! [Kathryn Blume, Heady Vermont]

November 20: This is not a drill: Massachusetts has opened its first legal pot shops. Cue the stories about chaotic traffic jams and long lines. [Ally Jarmanning, New England Public Radio]

November 20: “A medical marijuana prescriber and patient is challenging President Donald Trump’s administration over a federal statute barring cannabis users from purchasing or owning firearms, even when they take the drug legally pursuant to state law.” [Nick Wing, Huffington Post]

November 20: This headline really says it all: “NASA to launch safety review of SpaceX and Boeing after video of Elon Musk smoking pot rankled agency leaders.” [Christian Davenport, the Washington Post]

November 21: The acting U.S. attorney general, Matthew G. Whitaker, often pushed for harsh sentences for people accused of drug crimes. [Michael Kranish, the Washington Post]

November 24: Seven Days reported this story in Vermont in February, but it's still worth a read. As weed laws change, police departments across the country are retiring police canines that are trained to hit on cannabis. [Stacy Cowley, the New York Times
November 28: Michigan will allow its medical marijuana patients to order and pay for cannabis online “in a process as simple as ordering a pizza.” Patients will be able to order up to 2.5 ounces of flower at a time. [Amy Biolchini, MLive]

November 28: The Vermont legislature is poised once again to consider legalizing the sale of recreational cannabis. [Taylor Dobbs, Seven Days
November 28: This isn’t exactly a shocker, but Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) makes it very clear in his new book that he thinks cannabis prohibition is not working and lauds states that have undone it. [Kyle Jaeger, Marijuana Moment]

November 29: Here’s a profile a story about “trimmigrants” working in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. Worth a read, because the bud you’ve smoked at some point or the other likely originated there. [Dan Levin, the New York Times]

November 29: Legal weed dispensaries in Massachusetts say Instagram and Facebook have shuttered their pages. The social media companies say the cannabis purveyors violated the terms of use by posting about drugs. [Nik DeCosta-Klipa,]

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