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The Browser, with Jonathan Butler


Published February 16, 2009 at 3:12 p.m.

I've been diving back in to Twitter the past few days and just discovered The Browser. It's a new local radio show — and podcast — "about the people who bring the world wide web to btv." (That's cool-kid speak for Burlington; BTV is Burlington's three-letter airport code.)

The Browser airs every Wednesday on Burlington's low-power community radio station, The Radiator. It's hosted by Jonathan Butler, the online manager at Vermont Public Radio.

Why did a guy who works for VPR create a radio show on the Radiator? Butler explains in a blog post:

I decided to create this show for lots of reasons. I work in publicradio from the online angle but I don’t really know much about makingradio programming, so I took on this project to learn more about that —creating audio content, editing, operating a board, promoting — all ofit.

I’m also relatively new to Burlington, Vermont. I moved to Vermontfrom Boston in early 2007 and only moved to downtown Burlington inApril 2008. I’m more than a flatlander: I’m a newbie. So, I wanted touse this program as a vehicle to seek out the other web professionals,academics, students, thinkers, dabblers, and hobbyists and find outwhat’s going on in BTV.

So far, Butler has interviewed Ed Shepard, the Marketing and Design Manager at Small Dog Electronics, and Bradley Holt and Jason Pelletier of Found Line, a Burlington-based integrated marketing services firm that has done some work for VPR.

Holt and Pelletier talk a lot about usability and open source software. In his interview, Shepard discusses internet marketing — how he uses blogs, newsletters and social media tools.

Here are a few excerpts from his exchange with Butler about Twitter:

Shepard: "Twitter is great. First of all, when I first heard about Twitter a couple of years ago, I thought it was unbelievably corny... Twitter is like a microblogging platform, where you can post very short updates about what you're doing, a news story you've heard about, something that is interesting that is on your mind."

Butler: "It's like your facebook status as a blog, basically."

Shepard: "Exactly." ...

Shepard: "It's fascinating, when you follow interesting people on Twitter, since they're interesting people, you're actually getting interesting updates, you know? And so I find that the diversity of information that I'm bringing in through Twitter is much greater than just, you know, reading a news website, and so forth, or reading other personal blogs."

If this is the kind of conversation that floats your boat, check out The Browser on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. on 105.9 WOMM-LP, The Radiator. Catch the livestream at The Radiator website. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

UPDATE: Via Twitter, Jonathan Butler informs me that this week's guest is David Gibson of Propeller Media Works.