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The 2019 Local Music Scene Survey


Published December 25, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

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After a full year spent highlighting the works of local singer-songwriters, musicians, club promoters and producers, we thought it would be enlightening to learn what some of those same people picked as their favorite albums of 2019, local and otherwise. We also asked for their favorite tracks from each release, which should serve as good entry points for new listeners. Here's what they told us. Hopefully you'll discover some new favorites, too.

Noah Schneidman, Full Walrus

Local album: Cavities, Demotions

Favorite song from the album: "When You Go"

Non-local album: JPEGMAFIA, All My Heroes Are Cornballs

Favorite song from the album: "Free the Frail (featuring Helena Deland)"

Zach Schuster, Roost

LA: Full Walrus, Songs for Other People

FS: "Windowsill"

NA: Redrago, Redrago

FS: "Il Veliero"

Wren Kitz, singer-songwriter/sound artist

LA: Ruth Garbus, Kleinmeister

FS: "Squirrels"

NA: Tropical Trash, Southern Indiana Drone Footage

FS: "Glass Dog"

Liz Stafford, Paper Castles, the Pyros

LA: Trackstar, Heartbreak Hits

FS: "Space"

NA: Helado Negro, This Is How You Smile

FS: "Please Won't Please"

Kiel Alarcon, What Doth Life

LA: Dino Bravo, Blind by Midnight

FS: "You've Heard Enough"

NA: Alex Cameron, Miami Memory

FS: "PC With Me"

Amber deLaurentis, Birdcode

LA: Paul Asbell, Burmese Panther

FS: "Eeyore's Lament"

NA: Jenny Lewis, On the Line

FS: "Do Si Do"

Eric Maier, Future Fields

LA: Roost, Basic Phases

FS: "Developments"

NA: Phish, 11/30/95

FS: "Ha Ha Ha"

Katie Trautz, Summit School of Traditional Music and Culture

LA: Michael Roberts, Mixed Emotions

FS: "The Way I See You"

NA: Big Thief, Two Hands

FS: "Forgotten Eyes"

Taylor Kracher, lean tee

LA: Cavities, Demotions

FS: "Marsh Life"

NA: Peaer, A Healthy Earth

FS: "Joke"

Peg Tassey, producer

LA: Reunion Road: Carol Hausner and Eleanor Ellis, Short Time to Stay Here

FS: "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down"

NA: Brittany Howard, Jaime

FS: "Stay High"

Christine Malcolm, singer-songwriter

LA: Sabrina Comellas, Sabrina

FS: "What the World Looks Like"

NA: Tyler Childers, Country Squire

FS: "All Your'n"

Mark LeGrand, singer-songwriter

LA: Miriam Bernardo, Songs From the Well

FS: "Angle of the Sun"

NA: Sturgill Simpson, SOUND & FURY

FS: "Ronin"

Matt Saraca, Silver Bridget

LA: John Townsend, Seattle Songs

FS: "Left Too Late"

NA: Leonard Cohen, Thanks for the Dance

FS: "Puppets"

Miriam Bernardo, High Summer


FS: "Echo"

NA: Brittany Howard, Jaime

FS: "Short and Sweet"

Ryan Miller, Guster

LA: Henry Jamison, Gloria Duplex

FS: "Gloria"

NA: Big Thief, Two Hands

FS: "Not"

John Townsend, Silver Bridget

LA: Chris Weisman, Valence With Tassels

FS: "For Molly"

NA: Bill Frisell, Harmony

FS: "Hard Times"

Princess Nostalgia, producer/singer-songwriter

LA: Juicebox, Juicebox

FS: "Bob Ross Bossa"

NA: James Blake, Assume Form

FS: "Tell Them (featuring Moses Sumney and Metro Boomin)"

Brian Nagle, DJ Disco Phantom, Waking Windows

LA: Matthew Mercury, Matthew Mercury

FS: "Lightning Ocean"

NA: Toro y Moi, Outer Peace

FS: "Ordinary Pleasure"

Troy Millette, singer-songwriter

LA: Nina's Brew, Mixtape

FS: "Walkin' With the Wolves"

NA: FLETCHER, you ruined new york city for me

FS: "All Love"

Isaac French, singer-songwriter

LA: Troy Millette, Living With a Ghost

FS: "Magnolias"

NA: Dean Lewis, A Place We Knew

FS: "A Place We Knew"

Ethan Tapper, the Bubs

LA: Greaseface, You Fucked Up My Car

FS: "Car"

NA: Gurr, She Says

FS: "Bye Bye"

Ray Padgett, County Tracks

LA: Hallowell, Hallowell

FS: "Another World"

NA: Rhiannon Giddens, there is no Other

FS: "Pizzica di san Vito (with Francesco Turrisi)"

Andrew Bouchard, Borderline Entertainment

LA: Erin Cassels-Brown, Dreamin' on Overdrive

FS: "Live Forever"

NA: JPEGMAFIA, All My Heroes Are Cornballs

FS: "Free the Frail (featuring Helena Deland)"

Carson Ehlert, Hope All Is Well, Signal Kitchen

LA: Nodrums, W81

FS: "23"

NA: (Sandy) Alex G, House of Sugar

FS: "Gretel"

Luke Awtry, concert photographer

LA: Tom Pearo, I Am a Mountain

FS: "I Am a Mountain"

NA: Pile, Green and Gray

FS: "Hiding Places"

The original print version of this article was headlined "Their Favorite Things | Local scenesters on the best music of 2019"