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The 2013 Sex Survey: Part 2

The Genitals


Published February 27, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.

Do you feel sexy in your own naked body?

Yes: 66%

No: 35%

If you have a penis, is it circumcised?

Yes: 79%

No: 21%

Looks like circumcision is falling out of fashion. Only 62 percent of dong-endowed twentysomethings said they’d been snipped, compared with 85 percent of thirtysomethings and 92 percent in their forties.

If you have a vagina, have you ever ejaculated?

Yes: 44%

No: 56%

Perhaps squirting comes with practice. Sixty percent of women over 50 said they’d ejaculated, compared with 42 percent of twentysomethings.

Click the infographic for a larger view.

Do you have any genital piercings?

Apparently, the Prince Albert hasn’t made it to Vermont — or it’s come and long gone. A whopping 98 percent of your privates are piercing free.

In a sexual context, what do you prefer to call your genitals?

You like “cunt” more than “pussy”; “cock” more than “dick.” But the best names are the ones you come up with yourself.

Cunny, chatte, chubby and fine china. Doodlebug, da boys and down there. Fun zone, goonch, little juice and My Name Jr. “Clit, vag and, for fun, shantung (a Japanese cucumber),” wrote a thirtysomething bisexual woman. A fellow in his fifties offered this delight: “meat and two veg.”

Of course, the name you bestow on your privates often depends on the mood and the company you’re keeping. “It wasn’t until this current relationship that I referred to it as a pussy, which prior I thought was tasteless,” said a pansexual writer in her thirties. “Ninety percent cock, 5 percent cunt, 5 percent avoidance,” was the enigmatic response of a thirtysomething trans guy.

Some of you name your junk as if it were a person: Erik, Gertrude, Igor, Big Jim and the twins, Jerome (“as in the Bo Diddley song ‘[Bring] It to Jerome,’” wrote a retired man), Mr. President, Mr. Baggins and Mr. Friendly. “If I were brave enough,” wrote a thirtysomething dude, “I’d refer to him as Phallic Baldwin.”

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