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The 2013 Sex Survey: Part 1

The Basics


Published February 27, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.

Who are you?

The demographic breakdown of our 1224 respondents is similar to those of years past: nearly evenly divided between males and females. Nearly 40 percent of you are in your twenties, and 80 percent identified as heterosexual. Politically, you’re most likely to be Democrats or Independents, though Republicans make up nearly 8 percent, up 1 percent from last year.

Interestingly, nearly 80 percent of the fifty- and sixtysomethings in this survey are male, while about 60 percent of twenty- and thirtysomethings are female.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Eighty percent were deflowered by their 19th birthday — and that includes nearly 100 respondents who lost it before turning 15. Almost all the rest joined the club during college years. So no big surprises here.

How many sex partners, if any, have you had in the last year?

Should we feel bad for the 7 percent of you who reported zero partners in the last 12 months? And are condolences or congratulations in order for the 10 percent who had five or more? It’s just so hard to tell with these things. But we’re pretty sure the 54 percent who stuck with just one partner are doing something right. That stat pretty much equals the percentage of you who are married or “going steady,” but of course these are not necessarily the exact same peeps who reported just one partner.

Click the infographic for a larger view.

How often do you have sex? How often do you masturbate?

It’s interesting to look at the answers to these two questions together, because roughly a third of you fell into the “a few times a week” camp for both. Again, not necessarily the same third, but still. Just a tiny percentage claimed to have sex or masturbate “multiple times a day” — 2.4 and about 4 percent, respectively. Even so, we’d love to know how these people manage to, er, squeeze it in. Maybe the roughly 4 percent of you who responded “never” to one or both questions are getting everybody else’s work done. Thanks for that.

How often do you watch porn?

Porn doesn’t appear to be too popular among our twentysomething respondents. Could it be because most happen to be women? More than 30 percent of female respondents said they don’t watch the stuff, compared with 7 percent of men. Of respondents in their forties and fifties, most said they watch porn a few times a year. And the trend continues: The age group most likely to be watching porn at least once a week? Fifty- and sixtysomethings. It’s easier than DIY.

Are you satisfied with your current sex life?

Regardless of age, political affiliation or sexual orientation, this one breaks down almost exactly 50-50. Men are slightly more likely than women to be unsatisfied. Marriage increases the likelihood of satisfaction, especially for women: About 57 percent of married people said they’re happy with their sex lives, compared with roughly 21 percent of single folks who said the same.

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