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Summer Salaries: Fun-Lovin' Counselor


Reilly Faith
  • Reilly Faith
After spending her first year of college under the Texan sun, 19-year-old Reilly Faith got a job this summer with the “little kiddos” at Summer Fun University, a camp program run by Smugglers' Notch. In her role as a counselor, Reilly stays busy organizing arts and crafts, nature walks, and singing and dancing performances. The Morrisville native, who studies dance at Texas Christian University, has some simple advice for summer job seekers. "Your summer break is so short," she says, so "try to find something you're going to enjoy."

Kids VT: Why did you choose this job?
Reilly Faith: I really enjoy working with kids. The best part is just getting to connect with all the little kiddos because they’re so cute and it’s just so fun to be with them and bring a smile to their face.

KVT: What kind of activities do you organize at the camp?
RF: I work with the 7- to 10-year-olds. There’s a nature and hiking group, and a sound and stage group [where] they do dancing, singing, little skits and then we put up a performance. There’s also an adventuring games group, which is just like gym-class games. I wish I’d gone [to camp there], honestly.

KVT: How much do you earn — and do you plan to save or spend your money?
RF: It is $10 an hour; I am spending it on school expenses. Most of it’s going towards my sorority dues. I work 8:30 to 4:30 everyday. Wednesday nights, I work the overnight which is pretty much 24 hours of consecutive work, but it’s fun.

KVT: What's you’re least favorite part of the job?
RF: My least favorite part is discipline. I still feel like I’m a kid, so it’s weird for me to be their boss.

KVT: Do you think these skills will help you later in life?
RF: Yes, absolutely. I would say I’ve always been really quiet and timid, but when you’re trying to get [the attention of] a group of 25 little 7-year-olds, you have no choice but to be loud and assertive. There’s also a lot of creativity. Say, when [there is thunder] and all the [planned] activities for the day were supposed to be outside, you have to think of games on the spot and projects to do to keep them entertained.

KVT: Any funny stories?
RF: I go to college in Texas, and Texas has a lot of state pride. Everything has the shape of [the state] or the state flag on it, and I think it’s really cool. There was a little boy that I had a few weeks ago who was from Texas. Over the Fourth of July weekend, we went to the arts studio and we told [the group] to make an American flag out of whatever materials they could find. And they all made these adorable little American flags, except the Texas kid. He made a little Texas flag.

This article was originally published in Seven Days' monthly parenting magazine, Kids VT.