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Stuff White People Like


Published March 9, 2008 at 9:38 a.m.

A friend just sent me a link to this blog called Stuff White People Like.

I was curious — what do white people like? I mean, I'm white, and I live in the 2nd whitest state in the union, so I should be an expert, right? But I've always felt different. Unusual. Special. Like I was smarter than other white people. Or more exceptional. And not just because I'm gay.

Turns out I'm wrong! Other white people are apparently a lot like me.

They like bad memories of high school (#83), living by the water (#51), public radio (#44) and religions their parents don't belong to (#2).

White people also hate corporations. Or some of them, anyway. Here's how SWPL explains it:

If you plan to engage in lengthy conversations or get high with white people it is recommended that you read No Logo or one issue of AdBusters.Failing that, it is acceptable to buy a copy to leave on your coffeetable. When white people see it, they will recognize you as someone whocan see through the advertising and has a proper perspective on life.

Whenengaging in a conversation about corporate evils it is important toNEVER, EVER mention Apple Computers, Target or Ikea in the same breathas the companies mentioned earlier. White people prefer to hatecorporations that don’t make stuff that they like.

According to the L.A. Times, the anthropological expert responsible for this blog is a white guy named Christian Lander. Writer Gregory Roderiguez explains the joke:

One irony-deficient reader complained that the blog was less aboutwhite people than it was about yuppies. And without knowing it, she wascutting to the heart of the joke. Lander is gently making fun of themany progressive, educated, upper-middle-class whites who think theyare beyond ethnicity or collectively shared tastes, styles or outlook.He's essentially reminding them that they too are part of a group.

"I'm writing about the white people who think they're absolutely uniqueand individual," Lander told me. "I'm calling them out and poking funof myself. The things I post are all the things I like too!"

Well, that was fun. Now I have to start reading my Sunday New York Times. I'm not even kidding. The delivery guy was late this morning because of the ice storm, which is why I turned on the computer in the first place.