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Sonic Youth [SIV5]

Published February 21, 2007 at 10:22 a.m.

What on earth were Sonic Youth doing in Vermont you may ask?  Beats me but I think it has something to do with Higher Ground being AWESOME!  Oh yeah!

At long last, below is the Sonic Youth vlog detailing the post-show activities Sunday night at Higher Ground.This show kicked some major VT ass.   What could be more inspiring thanseeing/hearing artists still rocking the crap out of life decades intotheir career?  Hells yeah.

And what other band asks the audience for book recommendationsmid-show?  A rock band that reads?  They are one of a kind, yes siree.

Thanks Sonic Youth.  You made it okay to:
Ask scary hipsters questions on camera.

Thanks to Sonic Youth for coming to VT, to Higher Ground for bringing them here, to JDK for making their super cool, thought-inspiring posters and to all the psyched SY fans who talked to me after the show (many of whom were Canadian...hmmm).

This marks the first episode of Stuck in Vermont that "officially" falls under the grand auspices of Seven Days- the hottest paper in town if you ask me.  It is a partnership I amsuper excited about and there is no where else STVT would rather live! So be on the look out for many more Stuck in Vermont vlogs about local artists, events and shows!

That is the thing about VT, even when you are buried under amountain of snow, it isn't so bad because there is so much to do whileyou are stuck, waiting for the snow to melt...

And on a legal note, a huge thanks to Sonic Youth for letting me use their killer song "Incinerate" off their hellah hot new album Rather Ripped and also to Geffen Records, Universal Music Enterprises and Silva Artist Management for filling out all the very complicated paperwork and giving me a much needed lesson in music copyright laws.

And to the Jennifers atUMe and SAM for making all this happen - and in record time!! You areboth getting VT care packages in the mail - in fact, they went outtoday - maple syrup and VT swag galore. Oh yes, beware the VT boxeswrapped in plastic (the guy at the post office got a little overexcited about the prospect of the syrup leaking!) and headed out tosunny old LA!

PS Kim Gordon is my Superhero.  Can I grow up to be her?  Now?