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Side Dishes: Introducing . . . Fruitube?


Published June 20, 2007 at 8:56 p.m.


The world's largest strawberry contest is on! Never heard of it? That's because the first reference to the international event showed up yesterday in a YouTube video, introduced by a blurb that proclaims, "This is a strawberry currently in Vermont." The enigmatic creator — a man known only as Adam — may not have a last name, but there are two things he does have: a video camera and a wicked big strawberry. Showing off the luscious-looking fruit that's almost as big as his hand, Adam relates how the 5-inch-long, 3-inch-wide, California-grown berry made its way into his shopping cart. Do you have a bigger berry? . . . Maybe Sam Mazza's 11th annual strawberry festival in Colchester will turn up a prizewinner on Saturday. But even if it doesn't, Manager Laurie Mazza Bombard, Sam's daughter, promises this year's bumper crop is tasting super-sweet. "Last year they were very waterlogged and didn't have the flavor," she opines. The ruby fruit runs $1.70 a pound. Too hot to go home and make shortcake? You can buy it at the fest, along with some more unusual items, such as fresh strawberry fudge. There are plenty of other pick-your-own opps around the state. Visit the "strawberry season" post on our "Omnivore" blog for a link to a list of venues.