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Published November 9, 2007 at 7:24 p.m.

It's been a long while since I posted under the category, "My TV Addiction." It's not that I have stopped or even cut down on my viewing. I wish. No, the reason is my belated discovery that blogging about television represents the hands-down corniest, dweebiest - all right, let's say it - lamest use of weblogs since they came into existence. Who knew? Well, everybody I guess, except me.

But, what can I say? My TV addiction continues unabated. I figure I might as well put it to some, if not good, use.

Two new comedy series were introduced late last season: "'Til Death," and "Rules of Engagement." Both of these shows are semi-funny and semi-watchable. In other words, if I have the TV on and there's nothing better, I'll tune in.

What strikes me about these two sitcoms is their identical plot. Both feature a middle-aged couple, married for quite a while, who are friends with a twenty-something, newlywed couple. The older couple is cynical and jaded about marriage (quelle surprise!), while the younger twosome is - you got it! - bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I guess the TV wizards wanted to hit both demographics.

The older husband on "'Til Death" is played by Brad Garrett, late of "Everybody Loves Raymond," and on "Rules of Engagement" by Patrick Warburton, who played "Putty" to hilarious effect on "Seinfeld." These guys are pretty much the named stars of their shows, although "R of E" also has the ever smarmy David Spade as a regular.

Isn't TV amazing? The plots on these two shows could be switched with each other any week because the premise and characterization are the same. Either one of these shows could be much better; I find the writing just too predictable, never daring or deep.

Ah well - anybody out there digging either one of these series? What are you watching this fall season?