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Appeal of Slopeside Syrup Holdings Llcof Act 250 Jurisdictional Opinion

 #4-338 Appellant

Notice of Appeal to Superior Court Environmental Division Now Comes Slopeside Syrup Holdings LLC by and through its attorney David M. Sunshine, Esq. of Hoff and Company Ltd and pursuant to V.R.E.C.P. 5 (b) (4) (B) and Title 10 Section 8504 (a) and Section 8504 (e) hereby appeals a decision of the ACT 250 District Coordinator Stephanie H. Monaghan dated September 19, 2022 as set forth in ACT 250 Jurisdictional Opinion 4-338, attached hereto and made a part hereof. The Appellant Slopeside Syrup Holdings LLC owns a parcel of land in Richmond, Vermont, SPAN #519-163-10408 on which a sugarhouse is proposed to be constructed. Appellants appeal the decision that an ACT 250 permit is required for the sugarhouse to be constructed.

Dated at Richmond, VT, the 18th day of October, 2022.
/S/David M. Sunshine
David M. Sunshine, Esq
Hoff and Company LTD