State of Vermont Superior Court Environmental Division Docket No: 22-ENV-00095 In re: Brownell/LaMarche WW Permit | Notice to Creditors | Seven Days | Vermont's Independent Voice


NOW COME Interested Parties Craig and Chiuho Sampson, by and through their counsel, MSK Attorneys, and pursuant to Rule 5(b)(2) of the Vermont Rules for Environmental Court Proceedings hereby files this Notice of Cross-Appeal concerning Natural Resources

Wastewater Permit No. WW-4-4800-1 dated September 6, 2022.

This appeal concerns property located at 4354 South Brownell Road in Williston, Vermont and proposed to be accessed by Rosewood Drive. Appellants are residents of Rosewood Drive and their property is in the immediate vicinity of the proposed development and the development proposes certain improvements on land they own or control. Thus, the proposal will or may have an adverse impact on the Appellants' protected property interests. They are interested parties as that term is defined in Title Ten, Chapters 64 and 220 with a right to appeal.

TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: In order to participate in this appeal, you must enter an appearance in the Vermont Superior Court, Environmental Division within twenty-one (21) days of receiving this Notice of Appeal. Notices of Appearance should be mailed to Jennifer Teske, Court Operations Manager, Vermont Superior Court – Environmental Division, 32 Cherry Street, Suite 303, Burlington, VT 05401.

DATED at Burlington, Vermont this 2 nd of November 2022.
Respectfully submitted,
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