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Published March 12, 2008 at 7:35 a.m.
Updated June 28, 2015 at 11:41 a.m.

  3/6/08: Space Tiger is a fledgling local rock band that consists of father/son team Mike Deutsch and Aiden Patterson Deutsch with Chris Kiper on drums.  Their sound is fresh and their lyrics vary in content from monkeys throwing coconuts to hamsters chewing socks.

Space Tiger was the first band to play live on 105.9 FM, The Radiator.  They have also played at City Hall and the Radio Bean.  They have an upcoming gig at the Fools' Gold Art Auction on April 1st.

9 year old Aiden is a homeschooler who plays hockey, tends to many animals and has only set foot inside a "real" school once (he didn't like it).  He is also the frontman of Space Tiger.  Aiden writes the songs, plays the electric mandolin and makes chit chat in between sets. 

Learning how to be in a band, follow the lead of the drums and make it past a mistake are all part of Aiden's school lessons.  His father is teaching him the band fundamentals but insists that Aiden do all the on stage talking (not a problem).

Aiden's parents April Patterson and Mike Deutsch are both musicians.  Aiden began picking up his parents instruments at a young age, played open mike night at the Radio Bean at 3 years old and opened at Club Metronome when 5. 

With a hit like "Monkey, Monkey" (formerly, "Skunky, Skunky") under their belts, who knows what comes next for Space Tiger?  They are planning an album and a tour this summer.

You can watch the Space Tiger video on YouTube here.Also this week, a follow up to the video, Nick Garza is Missing(which has been viewed over 31,500 times on YouTube).  It has been over one month since Middlebury College freshman Nicholas Garza disappeared into thin air.  We spoke to his family and friends about this exceptional young man.

You can watch this video, "Nick Garza is Missing: Who is Nick" on YouTube.