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So Many Questions — and Answers — About Anal


Published April 5, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.
Updated April 6, 2017 at 10:50 a.m.

Dear Readers,

Forget "springing forward" — it seems a number of readers are more interested in going back. I've been barraged with queries about backside lovin' lately. Here are answers to all of your questions about anal sex.



Dear Athena,

How do I get my girlfriend to try anal?

Buggin' for Her Behind

If it's something she's never tried, she's probably nervous about the unknown. Pressuring her will backfire, so broach the topic in a relaxed, easygoing conversation about sexual acts you'd each like to try. Be open to her desires and, when it comes to expressing your own, be dignified if she says no — anal isn't for everyone, and it's certainly her call. Be respectful if she's hesitant, and work with her to address her concerns. If she's down to try it, come to the party prepared — that is, go heavy on the foreplay and ease into slow, gentle lovemaking with lots of lube. Happy humping!

Dear Athena,

What's the best way to clean yourself to prepare for anal?

Squeaky Clean

Well, there's always an enema if you wanna do some serious spring cleaning. But if that's too involved, a quick rinse with warm water and a pH-neutral soap will do the trick. If you have time to take a shower, go to town with that showerhead — heck, use a washcloth while you're at it! If you're wiping properly and bathing regularly, you should be good. PS: To tidy up and start the sensual fun, invite your partner in for a pre-coitus bath!

Dear Athena,

My boyfriend loves anal, and I prefer regular missionary sex. What should we do? Can this relationship last?

Penis in Vagina, Please

How about this: Two days are reserved for anal, and the rest of the week can be of the penis/vagina variety. Weekends are winner's choice — you determine the winner via a sexy game of poker or round of rock-paper-scissors. As long as you don't resent doing anal every so often and you guys are able to have fun no matter what, you'll be all right.