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Sledding Hillside Guide to Northern Vermont

SEVEN DAYS Sledding Hillside Guide

There are plenty of slopes in Vermont, but not all of them are suitable for sledding. So where do you find downhill action for your Mad River Rocket — or your battered inner tube, or cheap plastic sled?

Try some of these popular public sledding hills. We can't guarantee that they're 100 percent safe, but we can tell you that this is where the locals go. Slide and glide at your own risk. Sites are free unless otherwise noted.

If we missed your favorite spot, send us an email, and we'll add it to the list.

Marshall Hill
If you rent a sled from Umiak Outfitters, they will send you to this steep hill behind the elementary school, near Jackson Ice Arena.

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Cobble Hill
Sledding is only safe on part of this 300-foot vertical slope, but a skilled rider could tackle the whole thing, depending on conditions. If the gate is closed, you are still welcome. Park outside and hike in.

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Lincoln Gap Road
The road is closed to cars and trucks all winter long, but serious sledders hike up and ride down. Beware the precipitous drops and hairpin turns. Approach from the Warren side.

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Hubbard Park
A Capital City favorite -- the hill is steep enough for jumps.

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Burke Mountain
Free night sledding on Carter Country 5-8 p.m. for ages 5 and older. Helmet rentals available at the sledding hill, $5 per person. Complimentary sleds are available or bring your own personal favorite.

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Essex Junction Sledding
Hill/embankment on the western border between Champlain Valley Fairgrounds and a neighborhood. There is a Town of Essex trail that ends at the top of the hill. You can park in the fairgrounds on the road along the western edge.

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New Haven DPW
Behind the fire station in New Haven is an excellent slope. Take Rt. 7 to New Haven Junction, and 17 east a mile. Just past New Haven village is the fire station and DPW buildings. Park behind all of the town buildings. You are at the top of the hill.

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