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Sizing Him Up

Mistress Maeve


Hi Mistress,

I've been seeing this adorable guy for just about a month or so. I really like him, and we have great sexual chemistry, but he is not well endowed, and it's beginning to be a problem. I'm a very sexual woman and have been for a while. Over time, I've determined that I need a little more than an average-sized man to satisfy me. We've discovered positions that allow him deeper access, but they also require him to do most of the work - and I usually have to assist in order to have my "Big O."

I feel bad that he's doing all the work. Plus, I don't ever get the chance to take control in bed because I end up focusing too much on making up for what he's lacking. What are some positions that would give me more control and an orgasm while allowing him to relax? Or am I just going to have to let this guy go?




Dear O-less,

Let this guy go? I understand that satisfying sex is of the utmost importance, but ditching an "adorable" guy you have "great sexual chemistry" with over size is just plain crazy. Plus, it doesn't sound like you're "O-less" - you just have to work a little harder to get there.

Any position that allows you to keep your thighs together will make his member feel larger. Try lying on your belly with your pelvis propped up by a pillow while he enters you from behind. Or lie on your back and draw your knees up to your ears - this will shorten your vaginal canal and make it feel like he's filling you up.

Great sex takes work, so quit feeling guilty that your guy has to break a sweat to get you off. Furthermore, there's no reason you can't engage in more than one position per session - so let him please you first, then climb on top so he can relax and enjoy the ride to the finish line.

Small talk,